Los Lunas

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Dark Chocolate Nugget 30mg $3.50

Milk Chocolate Nugget 30mg $3.50

Toffee & Salt Chocolate Nugget 30mg $3.50

Cookies &Cream Chocolate Nugget 50mg $5.50

Cherries & Cream Chocolate Nugget 50mg $5.50

Ice Chocolate Nugget 50mg $5.50

Ice Sativa Chocolate Nugget 50mg $5.50

Dark Chocolate Nugget 50mg $5.50

Dark Sativa Chocolate Nugget 50mg $5.50

15THC x 15CBD Chocolate Nugget $5.50

Toffee & Salt  Chocolate Bar 120mg $12.50

Milk Chocolate Bar 120mg $12.50

Dark Chocolate Bar 120mg $12.50

Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar 200mg $18.00

Cherries & Cream Chocolate Bar 200mg $18.00

Dark Chocolate Bar 200mg $18.00

Dark Chocolate Sativa Bar 200mg $18.00

Ice Chocolate Bar 200mg $18.00

Ice Sativa Chocolate Bar 200mg $18.00

60THC x 60CBD Chocolate Bar $26.00

Cherry Pops Candy 100mg $12.00

Sandia Sativa Pops Candy 100mg $12.00

Green Lemonade Indica Pops Candy 100mg $12.00

Green Lemonade Pops Candy 100mg $12.00

Cherry Crush Candy 200mg $18.00

Orange Sativa Crush Candy 200mg $18.00

Sandia Sativa Crush Candy 200mg $18.00

Sandia Crush Candy 200mg $18.00

Cherry Sativa Crush Candy 200mg 18.00

Green Lemonade Sativa Crush Candy 200mg $18.00

Green Lemonade Crush 200mg $18.00

Grape Crush Candy 200mg $18.00

Sandia Sativa Tabs Candy 200mg $18.00

Cherry Sativa Tabs Candy 200mg $18.00

Cherry Tabs Candy 200mg $18.00

Green Lemonade Sativa Tabs Candy 200mg $18.00

Green Lemonade Tabs Candy 200mg $18.00

Cherry Indica Tabs Candy 200mg $18.00

Sandia Indica Tabs Candy 200mg $18.00

RSO Oil 1/2gram/350mg $25.00


CBD Milk Choclate Bar 60mg $22.00

CBD White Choclate Bar 60mg $22.00

20% OFF Serenity CBD Choclate Bars!!! 


Chocolate Chip Cookie 150mg 17.00

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie 250mg $22.00

Lemon Bomb Cookie 250mg $22.00

Chocolate Bomb Cookie 250mg $22.00

Hard Candy Trichs 6ct 10mg per Candy (Hybrid,Sativa,Indica) $16.00

(Select Flavors)


Dankazine 200mg $25.00

(Blue Raspberry,Cherry,Strawberry,Grape,Bubble Gum)

Dankazine 500mg $50.00

(Blue Raspberry,Cherry,Strawberry,Grape,Bubble Gum)


Rick Simpson Oil 700mg  $55.00


Cannabubbles 80mg (select flavors) $8.00


Bhang Pure CBD Milk Chocolate Bar 60mg $16.00

Bhang Gum 8ct 10mg per gum $21.00

Bhang Gum 4ct 25mg per gum $26.00

Bhang Breath Spray 150mg $42.00

Bhang Breath Spray 350mg $82.00

Bhang CBD Syringe 100mg  $30.00

Bhang CBD Syring 350mg $50.00

Pure Ratios Patch 40mg/ up to 96 hours Relief $25.00

Derived CBD Wax .5/370mg $32.50


Karma Trichs 6ct 10mg per candy $20.00

(Select Flavors )

Serenity CBD Tincture 150mg  $40.00

Serenity CBD Tincture 300mg $80.00

CBD Capsules 30ct 25mg per cap $80.00

CBD Gummies 75mg $12.00

(Select Flavors)

CBD Gummies 150mg $20.00

(Select Flavors)

Hemp Honey 500mg $40.00

(Select Flavors)

Terp Sugar 1g $50.00

Terp Sugar .5g $30.00

Raw Honey 250mg $45.00

Raw Honey 500mg $80.00